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We Offer the following Professional Consulting and Training Services:


Photography Consulting:


Purchasing Equipment - Need help with selecting photographic equipment?  Whether it's a new Studio or just need extra studio equipment or software for a contract photo shoot, we can help you select the equipment needed.

Business Workflow Analysis - Your business workflow is important for your success.

Basic Computer Retouching Applications - Need help using the computer retouching software?

Asset Protection - What you do is valuable including your equipment and it needs to be protected.


Photography Training:   


We create training specific to your needs:

Photography Training on - Architecture, and Real Estate Photography.

Photography Training on - Event, Sports, Nature, Landscapes, and Wildlife .

General Training on - Computer Applications, Photo retouching software.


Professional Photography Imaging: 


Photography Imaging for - Architecture, and Real Estate High Resolution Imaging.

Videography Imaging for - Architecture, and Real Estate virtual videos.

Aerial Drone Photography for - Architecture, and Real Estate.